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Scribe Winery: Vino and Vivacious Vistas


Scribe Wines

Recently, I was exposed to impressive and inspiring views, almost to the point of being overwhelmingly expansive and picturesque. At 2300 Napa Road, Sonoma, I just showed up, atop the hill, and felt embarrassed when I found the tastings were done by reservation. I was hemorrhaging apologies, but Kieran (the property manager and that day’s host) was accommodating and hospitable. It took him no time to put a glass in front of me.

One of the two gentlemen I met that day from Essex, England called the pinot noir “bollocks.” I wasn’t sure I knew what that meant, but after finding out, I agreed. The flavor profile is distinguished and diligent, with each one of its notes. Another thing I think the Pinot’s flavor arrangement had going for it was universality — not too light, not too earthy, not at all gutless. The finish just flutters and hovers unlike any pinot I’ve encountered before.

Scribe Winery SwingFor only being open less than a year, I’m muted. This little winery dazzles as if it had been open a decade, or more. Only lovely realities to come, I’m certain. The ’07 Chard, ’08 Pinot, and ’04 Cab were those that me rattled most. I had to take one of the cabernets to dinner with the family that night. Oh, and I also had to show off all the pictures I took — all the while looking at them, wishing I would have stayed longer, to snag some more stills.

Scribe enters the wine world and marketplace at a time where the consumer appears to be leaning more toward the smaller production, family operations than corporate castles. The views and the small tasting room/cellar right next to the lawn, and swing(!), adds to the comfort and relaxing properties. Visit them on the Scribe Winery website, and take a trip to the hill’s top to see for yourself.  Sip, sip…


  1. Ashley Routson | Monday, August 23, 2010

    This sounds like a really rad winery. Ashamed to admit that I had never heard of it until now. A winery owned and run by Millennials? That is really, like REALLY, exciting. And Sonoma? Be-still my heart …

  2. Tim | Saturday, March 26, 2011

    As a Brit, I have to point out that there is some confusion over your use of the word “bollocks”. Used on it’s own, e.g. “This wine is bollocks” this is a shortened version of “This wine is a load of bollocks” which equates to “This wine is a load of crap”.
    Used with the definitive article, e.g “This wine is the bollocks”, which is shortened from “This wine is the dog’s bollocks”, the meaning is reversed, and this translates as “This wine is really great”.

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