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Shmaltz Launches 2010 Version of HE’BREW Rejewvenator


HE'BREW Rejuwvenator Year-of-Grape Label

Shmaltz Brewing of San Francisco, California has announced its third “rejuvenation” of its annual celebration ale, Rejewvenator, in conjunction with their 14th year anniversary. The new Rejewvenator is brewed with Organic Concord grape juice and is described as a Half Dopplebock, Half Belgian style Dubbel hybrid lager / ale with 8.2% abv.

“The experimental process of brewing Rejewvenator begins with five specialty malts and five hop varieties blending European tradition with brazenly innovative American craft beer flavor and attitude. The brewers use Lager yeast to start cold, bottom fermentation then let the beer warm and pitch a hybrid Abbey/Trappist Belgian Ale yeast brought in exclusively for this brew. Finally Organic Concord Grape Juice gets infused into the fermenter. Rejewvenator then sits and ages for another month before centerfuge filtration and packaging.”

Rejewvenator 2010 brewed with grape juice follows the 2009 and 2008 versions brewed with figs and dates, respectively. Rejewvenator is now available nationally in 22 oz bottles and in a very limited number of kegs.

From the new Rejewvenator “Year of the Grape” Label (above):
I love when you open a door or turn a corner and realize there is an entire world that you’d never imagined existed, that’s in fact overflowing with people, schemes, and action. 2010 Sacred Species #3 seemed so obvious—Grapes. Noah’s first vineyard debacle (Genesis 9:20) to Dionysus, mythical Bacchus to Bar Mitzvah bad boys, Mogen David and Manischewitz. Appropriately Epic shtick. How many cups of Concord in childhood and many times have I heard: “But Jews don’t drink beer!” This year we came across the raging debates, alternative science, internet controversy and tribal rivalry of World Records relating to …Grapes. Speed catching (67 in one minute, 1189 in 30 minutes!); Solo throw, run, catch (40 ft!!); Longest distance (354’4”, shot from a water balloon launcher!!!); Greatest Height record (788 ft skyscraper!!!!) For this third incarnation of Rejewvenator I’m simply letting the mythological and pop cultural shtick rest and slurping together with all of you in a toast to this bizarre and delicious freakshow that we call Life…..L’Chaim! –Jeremy Cowan, proprietor


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