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Event Recap: Learning of Zin Fanaticism at Mayo Family Winery Mixer


Mayo Family Winery

On an incomparable August eve, Mayo Family Winery threw one of their famous industry mixers at their Glen Ellen tasting room. Peeps from many a tasting room attended, sipping everything from the Barbera, to highly heralded Mayo Zinfandels. They only produce about 7,500 cases total per year, limited distribution.

Mayo President, Jeffrey Mayo, was at his own bar, carving up tri-tip for sandwiches, while Rich and Bill were pouring on the other side of the room. There was also a staggering array of yummies cooked up by Mayo’s own chef, Max Porter-Elliot, on a table just a skip to the right. These tables, the entire night, were swarmed by the famished winery troops, who enjoyed Chef Porter-Elliot’s applauded cuisine while visiting the Mayo Reserve Room for a pleasantly altering wine-food pairing adventure.

At the event, I learned from the flyer given to me by Courtney McCauley (Director of Sales and Marketing, and Jeffrey Mayo’s cousin), of the approaching annual Zinfandels party. I know many people who would fanatically have Zin replace their own streams of blood, me for one, and this announcement definitely roped my attention. The event is being held on Sunday, August 22, 2010, at the Glen Ellen location.  The cost is $15 to public, and complementary for Wine Club members (plus 1 guest).  Discounts and deals offered, and yes, lots of phenomenal bites.  And way more flavorful Zinfandel than you’ll be able to handle.

I folded the flyer, put it back in my pocket, and walked around. The night’s event was held in a fairly sizable barrel room, with large doors on either side, and impressive ceilings. I got a chance to preview some of the Zins that will be poured at the Zinfanatic event (pre-release).  Definitely something to seriously consider for all the Zin lovers that may be reading! RSVP by August 16 by calling 707-938-9401, or you can email Courtney.  If you love Zin, are a Zin wackadoo, and/or fanatic, give them a call, get a spot on the list, and go. Sip, sip…


  1. Erin | Friday, August 13, 2010

    Zin and grilled sausages sounds like a great time to me!

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