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Craft Beer Radar #5: Notable Upcoming Beer Releases


Each week, beer blogger Lee Williams highlights the most notable upcoming beer releases that belong on every craft beer lover’s radar. This is Mutineer’s fifth edition of the weekly series.

21st Amendment Fireside Chat

21st Amendmendment — “Fireside Chat”

This past weekend 21st Amendmendment Co-founder and Brewmaster, Shaun O’Sullivan, quietly announced the name and initial details of the brewery’s fifth canned beer release on Facebook. The beer, called Fireside Chat, is a winter holiday ale and will be released in October.

Shaun says, “The name of this 8% ABV canned craft beer — slighty spiced, is Fireside Chat. Look for it this October, you know when most holiday beers are released and the XMAS decorations show up at department stores. Ya, I know, not too thrilled about the decorations, but the beer is going to be awesome.”

Full details of this beer release are still pending, but we’ll share more info when it’s officially announced.

You can find 21st Amendmendment on Twitter and Facebook.

Cantillon Zwanze

Cantillon — “Zwanze 2010″

Last week, U.S. distributor Shelton Brothers announced they were bringing Zwanze by Brasserie Cantillon of Brussels, Belgium to the U.S. market. Zwanze is a lambic, cold-macerated with elderflowers, and has been one of the most buzzed about and traded sour beers of the past year.

Shelton Brothers posted the following about the imminent release on Ratebeer: “Zwanze 2010 will be hitting US shores in six weeks or so. This will be the first time any of the beers from this series has been sold outside of Anderlecht, and we’re hoping to sell it far and wide. Jean was concerned about the eBay market for this stuff, where it draws upwards of €70,00 for one bottle. That’s uncool. We’ll be selling the trifling amount of cases that we get to everyone we possibly can, all around the country. Very limited allocations, but allocations everywhere. We’ll also ask retailers and/or bars to sell it at a very reasonable price. This is beer to be drunk and enjoyed, not hoarded and sold for big money.”

No word on cost yet, but Zwanze 2010 will be available in 750ml bottles that will likely disappear from the stores lucky enough to receive a shipment, as soon as they are unboxed. Keep your sour beer loving eyes peeled and you might be lucky enough to snag one.

You can find Cantillon on Facebook.

You can find Shelton Brothers on Facebook.

Pelican 22 Mother of all Storms

Pelican — “Mother of all Storms”

In previous years, this highly sought after Bourbon barrel-aged barleywine was known simply as The Perfect Storm. Later this year, though, the maker of The Perfect Storm, Pelican Brewery of Pacific City, Oregon will unleash the newly rechristened “Mother of all Storms”. Pelican had no need to up the ante of this much eBay’d beer, but you have to admit that the new name is mighty impressive and brings and even weightier gravitas to the proceedings.

From the label: “There are many storms out there, all of them perfect in their own way.  But there is only one Mother of all Storms and it only happens in Pacific City, Oregon. Based on Stormwatcher’s Winterfest, our English-style barleywine, Mother of all Storms spent many months Kentucky Bourbon barrels. Now at its peak, Mother of all Storms delivers flavors of deep toasted malt, bourbon and oak. The finish rewards with whispers of vanilla, toffee and caramel. Best enjoyed with gusts exceeding 60 mph.”

24oz bottles of Mother of all Storms will be available for pre-order by the case from Pelican’s website closer to the as yet to be determined, winter release date.

You can find Pelican on Twitter and Facebook

Alaskan Double Black IPA

Alaskan — “Double Black IPA”

Faster than you can say “Cascadian Dark Ale”, a brewery has seen fit to imperialize for commercial sale the young, contentious, and controversial new style of beer — known to most of us as Black IPA. In the grand scheme of craft beer, there aren’t many breweries that leap to mind as no brainer makers of an Imperial Black IPA  — Stone, perhaps? — but Alaskan would likely be one of the few, if only because it already produces one of the most beloved ashy black American ales in the form of its hoppy Smoked Porter.

“It looks like a porter, drinks like an IPA and has the kick of an imperial stout,” says Alaskan Production Manager Dave Wilson. “We always challenge ourselves to showcase balance in our beers, and with so many big and bold flavors, this beer took that challenge to a new level.”

Alaskan Double Black IPA is the latest in the Brewery’s Pilot Series of limited-edition specialty beers. The new brew features a combination of beer styles, with a flavor profile most similar to an Imperial IPA and the dark black color and rich flavors usually found in heartier stouts and porters. Brewed with an array of dark malts, Alaskan Double Black IPA features the distinctive flavors of coffee and bitter chocolate with a subtle toasted sweetness. Large Cascade and Centennial hop additions late in the boil, and dry-hopping after fermentation, lighten and refresh the overall perception and flavor of the beer. It finishes with a dry palate and lingering citrus bitterness.”

Limited quantities of Alaskan Double Black IPA will soon be available in 22oz bottles in the ten Western states in which it is distributed.


  • 8.5% ABV.
  • 70 IBU
  • Hops: Cascade, Centennial

You can find Alaskan on Twitter and Facebook

Full Sail Old Boardhead 2010

Full Sail — “Old Boardhead Barleywine”

This week Full Sail announced yet another release in its ongoing Brewmaster Reserve series, this time it’s the 20th release of their Old Boardhead Barleywine.

Full Sail Old Boardhead Barleywine“We have been brewing Old Boardhead since 1990. It is a beer that celebrates the passage of time and amazingly enough it has been twenty years since our first annual release.” — Full Sail’s Brewmaster, Jamie Emmerson.

“While ready to drink now, Old Boardhead cellars exceptionally well.”

Old Boardhead will be available shortly on tap and in 22oz bottles throughout the Pacific Northwest.


  • 9.0%
  • 91 IBU

You can find Full Sail on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Brian | Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    LOVED the last release of The Perfect Storm, soon to be Mother of all Storms. Hoping I can get a case again this year!

    Good to see Zwanze 2010 headed out this way too .. sucks I just paid for some to get shipped here from Belgium, but maybe I won’t see it on the shelves. Distribution for Cantillon products through Shelton seems to be REALLY sketchy depending on where you are.

    Of course, love 21A and the Raspberry Wheat I had from Alaskan’s last Pilot Series was great. And I’ll have to check out Full Sail’s Old Boardhead!

  2. Lee Norman Williams | Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    I’ve wanted to try The Perfect Storm for some time now. I know it is held in pretty high regard. I’m planning on splitting a case with a friend this year – if I can snag one.

    I am especially excited for Zwanze. Shelton Brothers releases have ok distribution in NYC, so I’m hopefully I can get my hands on a bottle.

  3. the hoparazzi | Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    I had Pelican’s Mother of All Storms last year, when it was called The Perfect Storm. And it was just that — big powerful and intense … but perfect.

  4. william bennett | Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Cantillon is seriously one of the best breweries in the world. Too bad they have gotten so damn expensive. WTF?

  5. Ashley Routson | Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    I got to try The Perfect Storm last December when Brian visited … it was sooooo freaking tasty.

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