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901 Silver Tequila Launches First Ad Campaign Directed By Justin Timberlake: Tequila Is Liberty


901 Tequila - Tequila Is Liberty

You may be familiar with the popular phrase In Vino Veritas (in wine there is truth). Well, now you can add En La Libertad De Tequila (in tequila there is liberty) to your list of fine beverage philosophies.

In its newest campaign, “Tequila Is Liberty”, 901 Silver Tequila is on a mission to inspire and compel its consumers to “elevate themselves above their everyday norm” and urges people to “feel at liberty to pursue”.

“Each ad is an epic monologue creating experiential filmic dispatches that immediately pique interest, heighten the sense and arouse and manner of passions, both intellectual and emotional.” — 901 Silver Tequila press release.

The campaign was created by The Martin Agency and directed by 901 Silver Tequila CEO and founder, Justin Timberlake. Filmed in Los Angeles, this campaign is Timberlake’s directorial debut.

The campaign extends across several media platforms including TV, digital, print, viral, and promotional events. The ad themes are as follows:

“Improved By Use”
The 901 Silver Tequila “Improved by Use” commercial singles out one man among a crowd of followers. Surrounded by the ordinary, his presence symbolizes superior quality and the desire to strive higher, in essence creating a moment to arrive at extraordinary with 901 Silver Tequila. For this exclusive group of friends, 901 Silver Tequila is liberty fueled by aspiration to be in the game and satisfies their appetite to get the most out of life.

“Let Them Eat Cake”
“Let Them Eat Cake” features a self-assured, beautiful, poised woman who commands viewers’ attention. She is powerful, controlled and a spoken visionary who knows how to get what she wants. For her, 901 Silver Tequila liberates her inner desire with a coolness that dominates but is not domineering.

“Risk and Peril”
“Risk and Peril” dares its viewers to act upon ambition. 901 Silver Tequila unshackles a striking and intense woman from the confines of typical gender roles. She takes destiny and control into her own hands feeling at liberty to make others writhe in submission to achieve her dreams.


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