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The Tales Report: Cabana Cachaca To Present First Bartender Olympics At Hotel Monteleone


Cabana Cachaca The first ever Cabana Cachaca Bartender Olympics will be held outside the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans on Thursday, July 22nd from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. The Cabana Cachaca 2010 Bartender Olympics will be broken up into three distinct challenges: Speed, Knowledge and Creativity.

“We’ve designed the challenges around skills that every good bartender already has and uses each time they are behind their own bar. What will make this event exciting is the teams are made of the best of the best, and they are competing in front of an audience of their peers.” — Matti Anttila, founder and president of Cabana Cachaca.

The judging panel for the games consists of some of the most respected personalities in the spirits and mixology community, including: Francesco LaFranconi, Director of Mixology for Southern Wine & Spirits, Bridget Albert, Master Mixologist and founder of Southern Wine & Spirits of Illinois Academy of Mixology and Culinary Education Program and author of Market Fresh Mixology, and Jared Brown, founder of Shaken Not Stirred: A Celebration of the Martini, co-founder of New Orleans’ Museum of the American Cocktail and author of many spirit-focused books.

“We are really pleased that these industry leaders will be joining us as judges to determine which team will take home the coveted Golden Muddler.” — Matti Anttila.

Five teams, broken up by region and represented by the five colors of the Olympic Rings, will compete for the title. The teams are as follows:

  • Blue Team: Representing the West Coast, co-captained by Duggan McDonnell and Alex Straus: Los Angeles superstars Jason Bran from the Roger Room and Julian Cox from Rivera and R23 Restaurant will be joined by San Francisco’s dream team of Josh Harris and Scott Baird from 15 Romolo.
  • Yellow Team: Representing the Midwest, co-captained by Charles Joly, Tim Lacey and Ted Kilgore: Matt Seiter from St. Louis’ Sanctuaria will compete alongside some of Chicago’s best -Josh Pearson from Sepia, Lynn House from Blackbird and Debbie Peak from Bristol.
  • Black Team: Representing the Northeast, captained by Tim Cooper and Josh Durr: Kevin Martin from Boston’s Eastern Standard will join New York’s Justin Noel from the Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar, Candice Coy from the Surf Lodge and Brad Farran from the Clover Club.
  • Green Team: Representing the Southeast and bringing the heat from Miami, co-captained by Gabriel Orta and Elad Zvi: Julio Cabrera of Viceroy, Robert Ortenzio of Señora Martinez, John Lermayer from the Florida Room and Tommy Merolla from the Living Room at W South Beach Hotel.
  • Red Team: Representing the Home Team, co-captained by Ricky Gomez and Bill Norris: New Orleans’ Adam “Rex” Scott of Napoleon’s Itch and Cole Newton from the Coquette Bistro & Wine Bar will be joined the Texas duo of Jeff Boley from Austin’s Paggi House and Joseph Mykal Le from the Aka Sushi House in Houston.

Live entertainment and cocktails will be provided for event attendees. The medal ceremony will follow immediately after the competition.


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