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The Dutch ‘Rewrite’ The End Of History With 60% Beer


Start of the Future

Just when you thought the war over the highest alcohol beer had ended after Scottish brewery BrewDog claimed the title with its 55% abv ‘The End of History’, reports of a new victor are buzzing all over the Internet. Within just a week of the release of ‘The End of History’, Netherlands-based brewery ‘t Koelschip, who held the title before BrewDog with its 45% abv ‘Oblix’, is rumored to have released a 60% abv beer, aptly named ‘Start of the Future’.

Start of the Future At first, the legitimacy of this report seemed questionable. But upon further Internet research, it appears that several sources are standing behind the claims, including Beer Advocate. However, the website for the brewery is completely in Dutch, with no option to switch it to English. And the free online translators are basically useless. But, it does appear that the announcement has been made by the brewery on its site, which looks like it was made circa 1990.

So… I guess we are left to assume that it did, in fact, happen. How it happened? That is beyond me. I still don’t even know how BrewDog pulled the big 55% abv beer off, let alone how a 60% abv beer could come into existence — and then still be called a beer.

According to several sources, Netherlands national news agency ANP spoke with brewer Jan Nijober about the newest victory. “It has become a little competition,” Mr Nijboer said. “You should see it as a joke.”

But who is the joke really on, Nijober? BrewDog? Or the the poor consumer, plagued by fear and uncertainty, confused over what really constitutes a beer and how it differs from Moonshine? Speaking of Moonshine, I bet if you carefully poured a shot of this beer over a glass of vodka, it would float. And then maybe you could light it on fire, just like a 151 floater on a Tiki cocktail. Now that wouldn’t that be a great party trick?

But all kidding aside, Nijober instructs that, “You don’t drink it like beer, but like a cocktail in a nice whisky or cognac glass.” A cocktail? Really? When was the last time you sipped on a 120 proof cocktail?

There is no word on how much of the beer will be available for purchase, or on the breadth of its distribution. But unlike BrewDog’s super limited ‘The End of History’ (which sold starting at a whopping 500 pounds – 780 USD – each), ‘Start the Future’ is being sold at the significantly lower price of $45 a pop.

And what of BrewDog? Will there be a retaliation? Will BrewDog come out of extreme beer retirement and reclaim the crown yet again? Or will they stay true to their word and let the war go down in history? Only time will tell…


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  2. Jeff Alworth | Saturday, July 31, 2010

    When I run the brewery’s site through Google Translate, I get this (not so badly garbled) desciption:

    ” It presents Reefer Biggest beer in the world now the Scots a 55% beer on the market was the question: what do we do now? He is START THE FUTURE 60% alc. In response to the Scottish reaction; Obilix 45% was a success, but this is even better! START THE FUTURE is like a beer OBILX product, a heavy alcoholic beverage ingredients with water, malt, hops and yeast. The beer is then processed into a product, a beer-based drink beer.START THE FUTURE is like OBILIX is a product made of 100% beer beer. How? You drink our START THE FUTURE Obilix and also from a small glass and not from a beer glass.”

    Okay, a little garbled.

  3. osumarko | Sunday, August 8, 2010

    I don’t know if I would drink a beer with that high of alcohol content. Seems more like a gimmick. I’ld rather a brewery focus on quality of the beer than on trying to get the highest possible alcohol content..

  4. eduardo godinez | Sunday, May 13, 2012

    osumarko you have to xpand your world!!! have you ever tried one of these kind of beers? they are awesome, i have tried all the brewdog beers and its a flawless experience!!!
    try them first, then you talk!!!

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