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Supermodel Marisa Miller + Captain Morgan Rum = New Ultra Campaign Combining Everything You’ve Ever Loved About Supermodels & Spiced Rum


Marisa Miller The only way Captain Morgan could top its epic online-prank call-super-app was to boldly attempt the obvious. Yup. Finally, super models and spiced rum have joined forces to pump up the proverbial party in epic fashion.

According to Captain Morgan parent company Diageo:

“It’s a great opportunity to work with a brand that is synonymous with fun,” said Marisa Miller, the Ultimate American Supermodel.  “Captain Morgan is all about celebrating legendary times and I’m excited to be on board as the Captain’s First Mate.”

The relationship kicked-off at this year’s inaugural Guys Choice Awards where the Captain and his first mate cavorted along the red carpet to the joy of all the attending paparazzi in tow.

“As you know, being the Captain is a legendary experience.  I have become a busy man with so many parties to attend.  Sometimes there needs to be a second in command to keep the party going, and who better than a mate like Marisa Miller,” said Captain Morgan.  “My goal is to communicate to the world over that Captain Morgan is about fun and partying responsibly. As you know, no party is complete without smart, funny, down-to-earth women who know how to have a great time.  I’ve now teamed-up with one of the most beautiful women in the world to help me spread the word to all my friends.”

Marisa Miller and Captain Morgan

The first question that comes to mind is regarding the protocol for “Captain” try-outs? The second question I have is, when will the sweet Captain Morgan/Marisa Miller ultra-ads show up in Mutineer Mag? The third question I have is…well, nope, no more questions. I know I’m into super models, pirates are cool, and spiced rum is always a hit in the Mutineer HQ. Folks, we have a winner! And the Diageo stock SOARS!


  1. Ashley Routson | Monday, July 5, 2010

    I want to be Captain Morgan’s girlfriend.

    Scratch that. I want to be the Most Interesting Man’s girlfriend!

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