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Pepsi Rekindles Cola Wars

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Pepsi Max vs Coke Zero Commercial

You may or may not be old enough to remember the classic Pepsi commercial from 1995 that features a Pepsi driver dropping into a diner for a bite and meeting a Coke delivery driver at the lunch counter. They hit it off just great until the Pepsi driver offers the Coke man a can of his cola. Well, lets just say the Pepsi driver had to get his soda back forcefully.

Fast forward to 2010 and Pepsi has decided to do an updated version of the once famous commercial. This time they’ve decided to showcase their Pepsi Max product against a Coke Zero. The commercial even has the same director as the original, plus they feature Art LeFleur as the diner’s owner – he played the Pepsi driver in the original. The brawl this time starts over the Pepsi driver recording his new friend and competitor guzzling the Pepsi Max and posting the video to YouTube.

Check out the original video for old times sake, and the new one. Overall it’s a well done commercial that remakes a classic while throwing a little fuel on the zero-calorie cola fire.


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