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Oregon Halts Oregon Homebrewers Rights


Oregon Liquor Control Commission Logo Oregon has always been a progressive state. For instance, Oregonians had prohibition years before it became a federal law. Now if that isn’t progressive, what else would be? How about if people could make beer, wine, etc. in their own homes, but not share it with friends, enter it into competitions, or walk it over to the local barbecue?

ORS 471.403 is the law that says that Oregon homemade beer and wine must not be taken away from the residence at which it was fermented. This law was recently brought into the stage light when a brewer was inquiring to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission if holding a home brew competition was legal or not. It turned out that it was not, much to everyone’s great dismay.

The law has been in effect for quite some time. It is not the fault of the person shedding light on the subject, the OLCC for enforcing an existing law, or anyone else for that matter. Though it is up to anyone supporting local Oregon fermenting rights to reach out and help.

The Oregon Homebrewers Alliance is bringing together a call to action to support a bill to be introduced at the next session of the Legislature in January of 2011. It is recommended that anyone who wishes to contribute their thoughts and efforts to passing a new law that states that the old practices can return should do so by visiting the Oregon Hombrewers Alliance Website.


  1. El Jefe | Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    California went through the same thing a couple years ago. Turns out even the State Fair homebrew judging was illegal…;) All fixed now though.

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