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Mix Less. Miss Less. Vextini Releases New Premixed Vodka Martinis



Do you find yourself missing out on all the action at parties because you are too busy slaving away mixing cocktails? The creative minds at Vincor Canada are aiming to solve this problem through the introduction of Vextini, its new line of premixed vodka martinis.

“This product is all about ease of making the perfect martini and embracing martini culture, which clearly includes socializing with friends and family.” — Nadine Iacocca, Director of Marketing, Spirits & Refreshment.

The current Vextini line-up includes three different flavors: ‘Pink Bikini-tini’, ‘Sicilian Kiss’ and ‘Lights, Camera, Cosmo!’.

Using the newest augmented reality code technology, Vincor Canada has teamed up with Bos Toronto and Lollipop to develop an interactive print campaign for the launch of its new product. Each print ad has a giant AR square blocking out a portion of the ad. In order to find out what is hiding behind the secret code, one must visit the Vextini site and hold up the ad to a webcam. This unlocks a video that reveals the behind the scenes on the scenario pictured in the ad.

There are three separate AR codes that initiate three different scenarios that include a lumberjack, a mummy, and a pirate — all the quintessential elements for a killer party. Technology FTW.


  1. Mare | Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    Great marketing gimic and with the right advertising and word of mouth, it could be BIG!
    I’d try it.

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