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FTW: Willow Garage Invents “Beer Me, Robot”


Willow Garage PR2 Robot

Just when I thought that being a Mutineer was the coolest job in the world, I discovered Willow Garage, a team of robot design experts. They actually get paid to develop hardware and open source software for personal robotics applications. Which begs the question: whose job is cooler? I sense an epic battle of wits and strength coming on… or maybe just a duel. The Mutineers vs. The Roboticists — Coming to a theatre near you.

But, I digress.

Around 5pm on Fridays (really, just Fridays?), the folks over at Willow Garage start getting thirsty for some fine beverages. But often times, they are too focused on finishing projects before wrapping up for the weekend. The solution? After a week of “hacking” (whatever that is) and optional sleep, Willow Garage unveiled its successful “Beer Me, Robot” demo. Check out the rad video:

Robots and fine beverages? This takes FTW to the next level — For The Mother F*ing Win! Now if only we can convince Willow Garage to send the prototype to the Mutineer headquarters for further experimentation…


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