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Daily Show Reports On G-20 Summit Beer Exchange


Daily Show OMG-20

A few days ago, President Barack Obama met with the new British Prime Minister, David Cameron. The two enjoyed a light banter on, what else, the subject of beer. Each brought a beer from their area of the world to exchange with the other. Obama represented Chicago with Goose Island 312, while Cameron pimped out Hobgoblin from Wychwood Brewery in his home constituency, Whitney.

Upholding the long-running stereotype that the English prefer warm beer, Barack attempts to advise David that his American beer is better served cold. David informs Barack that he can drink his English beer cold, but “I don’t think you’ll like it.”

To which, John Stewart responds by showing us some “science” on how cold beer “makes it snow” and gets you laid in the Rockies… See for yourselves (2:55 minutes into the video).


  1. Ashley Routson | Thursday, July 1, 2010

    Yesssssss. I can’t get enough of this video!

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