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Continental Airlines Introduces Specialty Cocktails


Stirrings on Continental Airlines

Back in the Spring Break feature in Issue 10 of Mutineer Magazine, we highlighted airlines that were featuring their own unique cocktail menu on board the planes. Now it seems we have one more to add to the list.

Starting today, Continental Airlines will be extending its line of specialty beverages with the addition of Stirrings Mojito, Stirrings Pomegranate Martini, and Red Bull Energy Drink. The Mojito will be served with Bacardi Light rum on ice, while the Pomegranate Martini will be served with SKYY Vodka on ice. Both cocktails will be available for sale in economy class, by credit card only, for $9.

Red Bull Energy Drink Stirrings Cocktail Mixers are made with all-natural, ingredients such as real fruit juice, cane sugar and triple-filtered water. The mixes are available to customers without alcohol for $3.

Continental has also partnered up with Red Bull and will be offering its energy drink to customers for $3. The Continental Airlines suggested alcohol pairing with Red Bull is SKYY Vodka. That cocktail will be available for $9.

“We continue to search for premium offerings to give our customers more choices inflight. The new specialty cocktails are top-quality products for our customers to enjoy.” — Mark Bergsrud, senior vice president of marketing programs and distribution.

Not gonna lie, this kind of makes me want to fly Continental next time. Fine beverage travels, FTW!


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