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Buckbean Brewing Company Announces Beer Blogger Competition


Buckbean Brewing Company Bar Photo

Some industries have been a little slower than others at acknowledging the importance of social media and the influence of blogs. Finally, it seems like the craft beer industry has started to catch on.

Although barely two years old, Buckbean Brewing Company, has been actively reaching out to beer bloggers, engaging the community and sending free samples all across the US. They have even publicly stated that they believe “the online beer community is the most underrated and, at times, unappreciated group of beer enthusiasts and experts out there” — which is quite a bold (yet, reasonable) statement.

In an effort to show its continued support for the community, Buckbean is offering beer bloggers the opportunity to compete for a chance to be flown to Reno for CANFEST — where the winner will also serve as a guest judge in the beer competition.

Here’s the deal: “Starting now and lasting until the 1st week of September, we’re offering those with an established beer blog (meaning you didn’t build a blog simply to participate in this contest) an opportunity to write one blog post, centered on why they deserve to come to CANFEST. We are very partial to creativity and humor. Once your blog post is live, send the link back to constance@abbipr.com with an appropriate subject line.”

For more information, visit the Buckbean Blog.


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