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Brewers Association Reports Explosive Brewery Growth


Brewers Association - Brewery Increases One sector that is obviously not suffering at all is the beer industry. A new report from the Brewers Association puts new breweries that have surfaced thus far in 2010 number some 155. That is getting close to one new brewery per day. To put this number in perspective, all of 2009 only brought 110 new breweries to market.

This number doesn’t just cover the latest craze in beer, nanobrewing, but the Brewers Association is also seeing strong growth in the microbrewery sector as well as brewpubs. What is even more encouraging from these outstanding growth numbers is that the breweries-in-planning list they have has an outstanding 389 projects. Obviously not all of these will come to fruition, but the sheer amount as compared to last years 260 give a good outlook on the brewing sector.

If the current growth rate continues we could see well over 2,000 breweries in the United States at years end. So the short of the long is that brewing is growing like mad across the U.S. and this almost guarantees no shortage of delicious beer and up-and-coming breweries that will make a name for themselves.


  1. Brian | Monday, July 19, 2010

    Very cool, and welcome to Mutineer! If I’m not mistaken, overall beer sales dropped 2.2% so far this year, and meanwhile, craft beer has risen 7.2% …. cheers to that!

  2. Ashley Routson | Monday, July 19, 2010

    This is definitely something I can raise a glass to! Cheers!

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