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Blogger Mutiny: Tales of the Cocktail Recaps

Tales of the Cocktail

Photograph by Matthew Noel

Starting last Tuesday and ending this past Sunday, the 8th year of the largest and most epic spirits and mixology event in the U.S. took place in New Orleans, LA. It has taken just as long for most of the industry professionals to recover and report on their experiences. We searched all over the blogosphere for recaps of the 2010 Tales of the Cocktail, and here is a list of some of our favorites:

Drinking Lessons From Tales of the Cocktail (NewOrleans.com)
“Tales of the Cocktail is summer camp for high-end bar flies. Instead of arts and crafts and archery, you get drink-y lectures covering the history of Prohibition and gin or the science of stirring. You also make new friends, get very little sleep and, instead of poison ivy and sunburns, you catch a few blinding hangovers.”

Tales From Tales of the Cocktail: Strip-Teasing, Midgets, and Tattooed Vodka-Peddling Cats!
(Village Voice Blogs: Fork In The Road)
“Bartenders from all over have gathered in New Orleans this week for Tales of the Cocktail, an event not unlike sleepaway camp for the liquor industry. More than an exercise in endurance drinking, this cocktail convention is also a marketing marathon.”
Every Drink I Had At Tales of the Cocktail (Alcademics)
“I think this was my favorite year of the convention to date. I tweeted every cocktail I had over the week. Let’s see how messy that looks added up!”
Ladies and Endangered Cocktails ( The Tales Blog: The Liquid Muse)
“Well, yeah, it is a drinking club for chicks. Bad-ass, mixology-driven, quality-liquor swilling chicks, that is. Chicks who come from various walks of life – bartenders, consultants, PR reps, brand ambassadors, writers, and plain old civilians (otherwise referred to as “enthusiasts.”) Chicks who would chuck a florescent green fruity “martini” in your face should you be so ignorant as to offer her one, and mix herself up a Corpse Reviver #2, thank you very much.”
Tales Unwinding (MyNewOrleans.Com: Happy Hour Blog)
“As for me, I’m impressed with the passion. These are young people blazing new trails through a liquid world. They want to deliver to you the very best product they can create from a diverse array of available products. They want you to take a sip, make a yummy sound and then take another sip –– and another.”
Tales of the Cocktail 2010 (Kiss My Gumbo)
“Ya – on to the mystery bus! So our party of 7 was pretty much well…we drank a little and only had light snacks there…and we were all feeling good. And there it was…outside the event, a bus offering us a ride back to the hotel. Sure – we all hopped on. There they were, 2 hairless kitties and we were being served drinks from Double Cross Vodka.”
Tales of the Cocktail Day 2: Moonlight and Moonshine (Nashville Scene)
“Greetings from New Orleans, where walking out the door is like jumping into a hot swimming pool with all your clothes on and taking a big swallow of humidity.”
Trendspotting at Tales of the Cocktail 2010 (ZAGAT Buzz)
“Liquor is never hard to find in New Orleans. During Tales of the Cocktail, July 21–25, it was hard to avoid. From morning until night at this gathering of bartenders, writers, liquor-industry insiders and enthusiastic imbibers, a glass of something intoxicating was always on offer.”
Best Of Tales of the Cocktail 2010: Part 1 (Cocktail Virgin Slut)
“Those 6 days were an epic marathon of socializing, learning, tasting, drinking, eating, and swag wrangling. This was all at the expense of sleep for I got up at 8am regardless of how late I was up (I think I was running on a total of 10 hours of sleep for the last three nights of Tales).”


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