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Starbucks Announces Betacup Challenge Winners

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Starbucks Betacup - Karma Cup

Last month Betacup challenged its participants to present innovative ideas on how to eliminate paper cup consumption through the design of a more convenient alternative to the reusable coffee mug. The judging process was split into two categories: the Jury Prize and the Community Prize.

The Jury Prize of $10,000 was awarded by a panel of independent experts to a single submission. The Community Prize of $10,000 was awarded to the top 5 ideas voted on by the community, which consisted of all the participants.

After filtering through 430 submissions from all over the world, the jury of the Betacup Challenge Contest, sponsored by Starbucks, has finally revealed the winners.

The Jury winner was:

  • Karma Cup – Mira Holley, Nick Partridge, Gillian Langor, Mira Lynn, Zarla Ludin, and Ruth Prentice

The Karma Cup concept encourages people to use reusable mugs with the notion that good choices in life will come back to reward you with good karma. Every tenth person to use a reusable cup gets a free cup of coffee. Law of statistics says that the more you use a reusable cup, the more likely you are to get that free cup of coffee.

The Community Prize was divided amongst these five winners:

For more information on Betacup, the contest, and the winners, visit the official website: thebetacup.com

Starbucks Betacup - Karma Cup


  1. Aaron | Monday, June 21, 2010

    The amazing thing about the “betacup”, it was ran on the platform jovoto. They connect brands with creative ideas, mass colaboration. Amazing work jovoto community! Well done.

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