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Sapporo Japanese Beer – Legendary Biru Commercial


Sapporo Beer Commercial - Legendary Biru

This video is pretty awesome. Taking a trip through Japan’s rich cultural heritage, this video gives you a glimpse of the brewing process behind Sapporo. It may not be how it’s actually brewed, but if the creators of Avatar met with the creators of Kung Fu Panda and Fern Gully, and then they went to the Wonka Factory to see how the Oompa Loompas took an ordinary task and made it absolutely fascinating to watch, this is what they would envision.

But in all seriousness, painstaking efforts were taken to ensure that this video was true to the colorful history of Japanese culture with the assistance of martial arts experts, cultural advisers, actual sumo wrestlers, and the insane vision of many artists to shed light on the beautiful and proud culture of the Japanese. Just watching this video makes me wish I know more about their history. Enjoy!


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