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Metropoulos & Co. Acquires Pabst Brewing Company


Pabst Blue Ribbon Retro It was announced last week that Pabst Brewing Company, makers of Pabst Blue Ribbon aka PBR, had been acquired by the Wall Street investment firm, Metropoulos & Co.

“My sons, Evan and Daren, and I are proud to be part of this 165 year-old historic American icon. Pabst Brewing Company is one of America’s most traditional and well-recognized beer companies and the producer of brands with great heritage and attractive growth trends. Our flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon is America’s fastest-growing beer brand and the growth of several of our other brands currently outpaces the market.” — Dean Metropoulos

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Can Metropoulos & Co. intends on keeping the current Pabst Brewing Company management team intact, with only one major change — Dean Metropoulos will assume the role of chairmen and CEO at Pabst Blue Ribbon. His two sons, Evan and Daren, will also have significant roles within the newly acquired brewing company.

“We approach Pabst with a long-term commitment to work closely with our partner distributors and to focus all of our energies on providing consumers with innovative flavors, quality and freshness that satisfy their changing and often regional tastes. It’s an exciting, innovative and yet traditional industry and we will be vigilant in maintaining and building upon the authenticity of each of our products and brands, which has earned them their loyal consumer followings. This authenticity has been at the heart of the company’s success to date and will be the foundation of its future success.” — Dean Metropoulos

And for all the nervous hipsters out there, have no fear, your beloved PBR will remain unscathed. The products themselves won’t be changed.


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