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Florida Oranges Used to Distill Vodka


4 Orange Vodka splash

Vodka perplexes me. It is one of the only liquors, that I know of, that can be distilled with a variety of ingredients. I have tried pure grain vodka, potato vodka, pure apple vodka and many other not-so-pure forms of vodka (oh hello, college parties).

Purists prefer their vodka to be made from rye. Wheat is another common ingredient used to produce vodka. And some even use corn or molasses. For the gluten intolerant, potato versions are available. But when other ingredients get involved, things get epic.

4 Orange Vodka bottle

Imperial Brands, Inc. turned the vodka industry on its head in 2009 when it introduced 4 Orange Vodka, the world’s first super-premium vodka distilled exclusively from Florida oranges in the USA. It takes 20 oranges to make each 750ml bottle of 4 Orange Vodka. And as far as I’m concerned, 4 Orange Premium Vodka is just as good as a Vitamin C supplement.

4 Orange was extremely well-received in its home state of Florida because it was a unique new spirit that defied the category norm while simultaneously benefitting the environment,” says Chester Brandes, President and CEO of Imperial Brands Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Belvedere, S.A. and the creator of 4 Orange Vodka. “Florida has redefined vodka with its iconic oranges the way the French defined wine with their grapes, and we are looking forward to sharing this groundbreaking new spirit with additional consumers.

Until recently, this vodka was only available in Florida. Mutineer is happy to announce the national expansion of 4 Orange Premium Vodka this summer! Woot!

Find 4 Orange Vodka on Facebook or check out their website.

Imperial Brands, Inc. is an importer and marketer of fine wines and spirits headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. The company entered the spirits market in 2007 when it successfully introduced Sobieski Vodka to the U.S., which is currently one of the top selling vodkas in the world. Imperial Brands, Inc. owns Florida Distillers Company with two production facilities located in Florida where 4 Orange Premium Vodka is crafted. Belvédère S.A. operates production and distribution units in Poland, France, Bulgaria, Lithuania and the United States and additionally owns subsidiaries in Russia, Canada, Spain, Scandinavia, and Brazil. For more information, visit www.ibrandsinc.com.


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