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First Skin Care Product to Fully Utilize Antioxidants Found in Wine Grapes


Chateau Loraine Skin Care Products

Sometimes, the health benefits from the ingredients of certain fine beverages extends far beyond its mere internal consumption. Some fine beverages can also provide external benefits. I have been known to wash my hair with beer after prolonged exposure to chlorine. There are even spas in the Czech Republic dedicated to beer treatments — beer baths, beer wraps, beer facials etc…

Grapes (specifically red varietals used in wine production), have also been known to possess beneficial active ingredients and antioxidants for the skin. The folks at Lewis Laboratories have successfully captured the power of these antioxidants in a super concentrated form for Chateau Lorraine, a revolutionary line of skin care products made with wine grapes. The line includes an antioxidant body lotion, grape seed body oil, intensive body butter, nourishing body wash and grape seed body polish.

“Because of our experience in creating some of the world’s most well-known skin care products, we were uniquely able to develop this special product line,” said Ron Lewis, CEO of Lewis Laboratories. “This is the world’s first skin care product to fully maximize the benefits of the wine grape.”

Lewis Laboratory has developed its own “Vinizome” technology that encases and transports the active ingredients deeply into the skin, precisely where needed, providing moisturize, nourishment, renewal and protection.

Although a glass of red wine is known to have a plethora of redeeming benefits, it is no secret that alcohol consumption can significantly dehydrate the body inside and out. So if you are going to throw back a couple glasses of vino, why not counteract wine’s dehydrating effects with wine based skin care products? Either way, inside and outside you get the antioxidant benefits from the grapes. It’s a win, win situation.


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