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Budweiser Encourages Soccer Fans To Designate A Driver


Budweiser's Designate a Driver Campaign

Alcohol consumption has a long history of coinciding with major sporting events. And typically, alcohol consumption increases around championship series and games. Budweiser has recognized this issue and, in honor of the 2010 World Cup, has created an ad campaign encouraging people to designate a driver. The ads will run until July 11th.

“Our new ‘Designate a Driver’ campaign is intended to bring our responsible drinking message to life during this time of excitement and celebration. Backed by significant resources, we’ll take our message to millions of consumers over the coming weeks.” — James Watson, marketing director at Budweiser Western Europe

The 30 second video features comedian and actor, Cedric “The Entertainer”, as the designated driver. The body language he uses to turn down a drink from the bartender ends up triggering all sorts of crazy moves on the dance floor. It is pretty funny. Check it out:

Designate a driver. Everyone’s doing it.


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