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The Ultimate Beverage Challenge + Paul Pacult’s Mustache = Epic


Ultimate Wine Challenge There are a lot of wine and beverage competitions out there, but there is only one Paul Pacult, so when I heard through my street sources that he was kicking off something called “Ultimate Wine Challenge“, it caught my attention. If you look at my dating history, it’s clear that “Ultimate”, “Challenge” and “Wine” are all concepts I’m drawn to, so from the get-go, this vision really speaks to me.

From the press release:
The inaugural Ultimate Wine Challenge takes place June 7-11 at state-of-the-art Astor Center in New York City and is revolutionary in scope. The Ultimate Wine Challenge will ascertain which wine brands taste the best in a flight of peers, using a multi-stage judging process based on the 100-point system. The wines will be presented in flights by type, region, varietal and price, at proper temperatures and served in glassware that is most appropriate to its specific classification. All wines will be judged: table wines, champagne and sparkling wines, dessert and ice wines, fortified wines and sakes. Operated and supervised by Judging Chairman F. Paul Pacult, Assistant Chairman Sean Ludford, and Special Advisors to UWC Doug Frost, MS, MW and Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, MW, Ultimate Wine Challenge is the future of wine evaluation today.

Scheduled to take place June 7 – 11 at the Astor Center in New York City, Pacult means business and has a legit posse of wine mercenaries to back him up: Doug Frost MS/MW, Jennifer Simonett-Bryan MW, Mary Ewing-Mulligan MW, Charles Curtis MW, Laura Maniec MS, and a slew of other people without acronyms after their names that nevertheless has the chops to take part in such an epic production.

F. Paul Pacult Also, if you don’t know Paul Pacult and his whimsical “F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal”, you should, because the guy’s the real deal, and has one of the top-ten most epic mustaches in fine beverage culture.

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