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Odell releases Woodcut No. 4


Odell Woodcut No 4

Odell Brewing is at it again with the release of the fourth beer in their Woodcut series, this time pushing the limits with a double marzen-style lager. With the first three beers of the Woodcut series being ales, it was time for them to do something different. “Our first three Woodcut offerings were fermented with ale yeasts. We wanted to stretch our innovation by creating a small batch strong lager” said Brendan McGivney, the head of production at Odell. According to the press release, Woodcut No. 4 is “best described as a double Märzenbier, boasts a clean malty body with a clean, refined finish. Hints of toasted cedar, vanilla, and almond are created by lagering the beer in new American Oak barrels.

Woodcut No. 4 is packaged and bottle conditioned in a 750mL corked and caged champagne style bottle and will only be brewed once. Released May 17th and just in time for American Craft Beer Week, Woodcut No. 4 will be available in the brewery’s nine state distributor region and with a suggested retail price of $24.99 per bottle.


  1. Julie | Thursday, May 20, 2010

    You need to get yourself some of that.

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