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Betty White SNL Drinking Game


Betty White Bingo Drinking Game

In honor of Betty White hosting Saturday Night Live recently, Mutineer contributor Robert Haynes-Peterson has taken things to an entirely new level with his “Betty White Drinking Game of Champions Championship” . As with any gentleman’s drinking game, the rules are simple and logical: You print out his bingo card of possible occurrences on the show, and then play bingo, with your friends taking a shot whenever you get a BINGO! I suggest an even simpler approach, with everyone taking a shot every time something funny happens, but last time we did that at Mutineer HQ we found Jeff asleep in the washing machine (don’t know how he did it, but he did, and I have the photos.)

Need a themed drink for your Betty White drinking extravaganza? Robert’s got you covered there too:

Betty White Russian

1 oz Vermont White vodka
1 oz Ron Abuelo Anejo rum
1 oz Kahlua

Combine vodka, rum and Kahlua in an old fashion glass with ice and stir. Add cream and stir. Top with edible gold flakes or gold glaze as garnish.


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