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Mutinous Neckties For The Win

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Cocktail Collection Neckties Not gonna lie, I dig seeing guys in a suit and a tie. Even just a button up shirt and a tie does it for me. Ties make people look sharp, they can come in all sorts of fun shapes and patterns and they make great gifts for guys when you are in a pinch. Heck, even I have been known to wear a tie from time to time.

I like all sorts of ties — funny ones, sports ones, serious ones. But I especially like geeky ones.

Combining the elements of art, science, and fashion, Stonehenge, Ltd. is the original creator of Molecular Expressions, a line of fashionable necktie collections from digital images made from photomicrographs (photographs taken with a microscope).

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Stonehenge, Ltd. has a line of Cocktail Collection neckties.

The neckties are available in the following beverage categories:

The Beer Collections – This large series of neckties ranges from the popular traditional conservative patterns (and colors) to the latest designs in casual neckwear with much brighter colors.

Bourbon Collection Number One – Designed for both casual and formal attire, the bourbon collection features 9 color schemes in a single pattern. Included are conservative blues, reds, and grays, as well as more colorful pink, green, yellow and orange tones.

Champagne Collection Number One – Dominated by neutral or red colors, the first champagne collection neckties consist of a single pattern offered in 6 different color schemes. Among the colors featured in the champagne neckties are several shades of red, green, brown, tan, black, blue and gray.

Gin Collection Number One – Consisting of a single “Scotch” pattern, the first gin necktie collection features neckties in 6 individual color schemes. In general, these neckties coordinate with conservative motifs (rather than casual) with darker colors that include reds, greens, purples, browns, and blues.

Rum Collection Number One – Dominated by a distinct diamond pattern, neckties in the first rum collection feature a single pattern offered in 6 color combinations. The rum pattern colors include black, blue, red, various shades of gray, gold, purple and orange.

Scotch Collection Number Three – The third scotch collection features both conservative and casual neckties having a single pattern, but with three color schemes.

Tequila Collection Number One – The first tequila collection neckties feature a single pattern in a variety of bright and conservative color schemes.

Tequila Collection Number Two – Designed with the conservative tequila aficionado in mind, the second tequila collection features a single traditional pattern offered in 6 color combinations. Included in the checkerboard pattern are darker shades of blue and purple, as well as browns, reds, tans, blues, mauve, and flesh tones.

Vodka Collection Number One – Neckties in the first vodka collection feature a single pattern offered in 6 individual color schemes.

Vodka Collection Number Two – Featuring a single pattern with 4 color schemes, the limited edition second vodka collection neckties are striking and can be employed to match conservative business and casual suits.

Whiskey Collection Number One – Having only four color schemes, the single pattern featured in the first whiskey necktie collection covers the entire gamut with respect to taste and fashion. Several of the neckties are very conservative while one features bright blue and green patterns that can be used in a casual setting.

Wine Collection Number One – The first wine collection consists of 9 selected necktie designs in a single pattern with a wide variety of color schemes to match both conservative and casual outfits. Colors include the traditional darker blues, reds, and blacks, in addition to brighter blues, tans, grays, and purple.

Wine Collection Number Two – Far more casual than the first wine collection, the neckties in the second wine collection feature a wide spectrum of colors motifs derived from a single pattern.

Wine Collection Number Three – The third wine collection consists of a single repetitive, conservative pattern offered in 5 traditional color schemes.

For information, visit the Limited Edition Cocktail Necktie Collections website. https://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/store/index.html


  1. Beer Wench | Monday, April 19, 2010

    sweet, girlfriend! I love a man in a suit so a man in a suit and a beer tie?? done!

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