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“Cocktails for Carnivores: Drinks Infused with Meat”


Bacon Cocktail Time Magazine’s Joel Stein wrote a piece on his experiences exploring meaty cocktails with The Modern Mixologist, Tony Abou-Ganim, who apparently creates drinks using “elk-bouillon”.

According to Stein, “In this meat-happy era, when diners serve bacon doughnuts and every menu item comes with an option of adding chicken, one cannot expect to consume alcohol without killing an animal. Fat-washed cocktails, as drinks with meat-infused liquor are called, are popping up at lots of swanky bars.

Click for full story on “Cocktails for Carnivores: Drinks Infused with Meat” via Time.com.


  1. The Beer Wench | Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    Two years ago, before the crazy bacon fad, I had a bacon margarita at The Fronterra Grill in Chicago (it has won restaurant of the year). It was made with bacon infused tequila. Then, it was a unique novelty. Now bacon infused drinks are popping up everywhere.

    The best, though, is hands down the BACON BLODDY MARY. Breakfast in a glass.


  2. Phil | Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    Dude, I am so making that meaty martini concoction we discussed in our kitchen. It’s on.

  3. Katie | Thursday, May 6, 2010

    My favorite is the PLT’s version of an old fashioned that uses bacon-infused bourbon and maple syrup instead of simple syrup….great stuff!

  4. Katie | Thursday, May 6, 2010

    Ugh, I meant PDT….fingers faster than brain.

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