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Carlsberg Brewery Limits Beer Consumption For Employees, Employees Go On Strike


Carlsberg Beer

Europeans are a different breed, and I really dig that. It’s not uncommon for them to take multi-week holidays during the summer and long lunches where they partake in fine alcoholic beverages. We could learn much from our brethren on the opposite side of the Atlantic.

The Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen has been stirred up this week over the decision to limit drinking to lunch. The brewery removed all the beer from fridges sprinkled throughout the brewery. The only place you can have a delicious Carlsberg is at lunch in the cantina.

This policy is probably not such a bad idea because the drivers were allowed three beers a day. While Carlsberg put alcohol locks on all their trucks, it’s probably better that lorry drivers aren’t hitting the streets half pissed. Let’s hope the policy limits scenes like this:

Carlsberg Beer Spill


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