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10 Beverage Blogger’s Take On April Fool’s Day

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The Daily Feast

Today, several of the crazy minds behind the Internet’s most compelling beverage websites have shown that their humor and creativity extends far beyond mere booze. Some bloggers tricked the world with outlandish announcements, others created alternative websites with ridiculous content, and a few did parodies on other industry professionals.

Here is a list of Mutineer Magazine’s favorite beverage blog April Fool’s Day stunts:

Daily Feast Parody
Concept & Text by: W. R. Tish of Wine For All
Graphics & Design by: Katie Pizzuto of Gonzo Gastronomy
Coding by: Heather Kohlstedt of He Cooks She Cooks
The Spoof: The website was created as a parody of the online food & beverage industry.
Highlights: The top “spoof” story of the day announced the eloping of The Beer Wench and The Wine Whore in a Vegas wedding presided on by an Elvis-impersonating priest. Other parodies included the announcement of Gary Vee figurines, a new beverage magazine called “Gourmand”, the “Pasta Whisperer” and more.

Brewed For Tots
Author: Mario Rubio
The Spoof: Mario Rubio is currently the author of the beer blog: Brewed For Thought. Today he launched a new website with three hilarious posts called: Brewed For Tots. Get it? Get it? The blog was created as a joke to parody the drinking habits of young children. And the pictures are priceless.
Highlights:When I found out that Hello Kitty was launching a line of wines, I was thrilled. Partially because I love everything Hello Kitty, but mostly because it means that I no longer have to shell out for juice. Because juice boxes are for pussies. And my babies aren’t pussies.”

Brew Cues Beer Review: O’Doul’s Amber
Author: Dave Isser
The Spoof: On his website, Brews Clues, Dave Isser reviews the non-alcoholic beer O’Doul’s Amber as if it were a real beer and he was tasting it for the first time.
Highlights:My one complaint would be that there’s not much alcohol bite and strangely they don’t list their alc content.  Oh well, can’t have it all I guess.

Titus Vineyards April Fools 2010
Video by: TitusVineyardTV
The Spoof: Titus captured video footage of a very brave employee/friend, dressed up in a ridiculous gorilla costume, galavanting around the vineyard property and getting completely wasted off of Titus wines.
Highlights:Unlike his South African cousins, this primate demonstrated a highly developed desire for social interaction and wine drinking.

Wine Library TV’s “Huge Announcement”
Video by: Gary Vaynerchuk
The Spoof: Gary Vee announces his retirement from Wine Library TV and from wine drinking all together. As if that would EVER happen…
Highlights:I’m actually probably going to also retire from wine. I’m thinking really heavily about only drinking water now.

If Gary Vee Was A Beer Blogger” – An Interview Spoof
Author: The Beer Wench
The Spoof: For roughly 3 months, The Beer Wench has been featuring interviews of her fellow beer bloggers on her website. In honor of April Fool’s Day, she posted “spoof” answers to the interview questions from Gary Vee, which she created as a beer parody of Wine Library TV. 
Highlights:Much to my disdain, I set out to mimic the flavor profile of the gueuze style as best as possible. I licked a horse saddle, nibbled on a horse blanket that had remnants of manure on it, quickly shoved some sweet hay in my mouth and then washed it all down with a swig of apple cider vinegar.

RateBeer Announces Chernobylskoe Radioaktivnoe Pivo
Author: Joe Tucker of Rate Beer
The Spoof: RateBeer announces the release of a special beer brewed according to the Ukrainian purity law from 1986. With some addition of finest radioactive sludge glows slightly green in the dark. Only for the greatest beer connoisseurs!
Highlights:Pours a glow-stick yellow/green that leaves a boiling residue on the side of my beaker. Taste is sludge and the tears of children mixed with chunky bits of cancer. Great beer but it tastes awful. I now have 16 testicles.

The 8th Trappist brewery … but in the US!
Author: Thomas Cizauskas
The Spoof: On his website, Yours For Good Fermentables, Tom announces the Trappist certification of a brewery in Arkansas. 
Highlights:Brother James strives to make a name for his products, and Trappist ales in general, by establishing a small number of key accounts. ‘We contacted fellow Arkansan Jerry Jones and he introduced us to the concessionaire at Cowboys Stadium. We believe our Singel will be sold at Cowboys games next season,’ he says.

Surly To Collaborate With I Love This Bar & Grill
Author: MNBeer
The Spoof: Minnesota craft brewer Surly announces that it is going to make three house beers for famous country singer, Toby Keith’s bar. 
Highlights:Piss on Chevy is a Classic American Pilsner, brewed with “Lotsa’ corn and rice from the heartland,” says Keith. “I was a little leery about using ‘piss’ in the name, but the guys insisted.

Two Beer Queers Sells Out And Signs Deal with AB-INBev
Authors: Two Beer Queers
The Spoof: Russel and Bully announce that they have signed a contract with AB-Inbev that will last 5 years and is worth approximately 500 Ka-Million dollars, 2 iPad HD-3D-4Gs with a front facing camera, and 2 girls wrestling in a pool full of jello.
Highlights:As part of the rebranding phase of the deal, the beer reviewers will change the name of the show and website to “Two Bud Queers”, but will still retain all creative control with the show. O’Sullivan stated that although they are working with AB-INBEV, the Primo bottle will remain on the set.


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