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Pepsi Pulling Soda Out of Schools

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Pepsi Soda Line-up

The World Heart Foundation has won a significant battle in the fight to curb the frightening amount of children in the U.S. that are obese. Pepsi announced that it will pull all of their fully-sweetened beverages from schools by 2012. 

At primary schools, Pepsi will only sell water, fat-free milk, low-fat milk and juice products that have no added sugar. Secondary schools will get the addition of Diet Pepsi and low-calorie soft drinks.

Pepsi is not the only soda company taking action, according to EDU In Review, Coca-Cola, the leading soft drink maker in the world, has also made positive moves in a similar direction. This month their global sales policy was amended to not sell any of their beverages in primary schools world-wide, unless parents or school districts request them. However, this policy is not applicable to secondary schools.

Hopefully this will encourage children to drink more of Mother Nature’s ultimate fine beverage, water.


  1. Julie | Thursday, April 8, 2010

    It’s about time.

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