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Anderson Valley Brewing Co. To Be Acquired By Beer Industry Veteran

Trey White and Ken Allen

Trey White (L) and Ken Allen (R)

HMB Holdings and the Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville, recently announced a definitive purchase agreement by which  HMB Holdings, LLC will acquire the Anderson Valley Brewery.

Terms of the transaction are undisclosed.  Pending appropriate regulatory approvals, the deal will close in April, 2010.

Under the leadership of respected industry pioneer Ken Allen, Anderson Valley Brewery has been creating award winning craft beers in Boonville, CA since 1987.  

All hesitant craft beer evangelists can relax. The ‘Big Dogs’ have not stepped in and ‘crushed’ yet another craft brewery. This acquisition will only have a positive impact on the craft brewing industry. 

Anderson Valley Brewery Logo

HMB Holdings LLC is owned and managed by Trey White, a fifteen year veteran of the alcohol beverage industry.  Through his role as executive vice-president at United States Beverage, Mr. White worked with a variety of fast growing successful American craft beers including Goose Island, Rogue, Ipswich and SLO as well as selected imports including Grolsch from Holland.  

White and Allen seem to be a perfect pair as both are well-respected veterans of the craft beer industry.

A statement from Trey White:
Ken Allen is a true leader within the American craft beer industry. The beers created by Anderson Valley are amongst the premier craft beers available in the world.  Ken’s high-quality craftsmanship combined with his respect for the environment is a legacy we will respect and uphold.  HMB is thrilled with the opportunity to grow consumer awareness and expand the distribution of the Anderson Valley family of world class award winning craft beers.

A statement from Ken Allen:
I have enjoyed immensely growing the Anderson Valley Brewery from a start-up operating a modest brew pub in Boonville into a world class regional craft brewery.  The people and friends I have made in the industry will last a lifetime.  I want to thank the many customers and brewery fans who have become key parts of the Anderson Valley Brewery family.

I have looked long and hard for the right person to whom to entrust our legacy and I could not have found a better partner in Trey White.  His passion and knowledge of the craft beer industry, coupled with his respect for the brands we have developed, will make him the ideal person to take the Anderson Valley Brewery to the next level within the growing craft beer industry.

Located in the bucolic Anderson Valley region, the environmentally friendly, solar powered brewery produces Boont Amber Ale and Hop Ottin’ IPA in addition to many other highly respected craft beers.  

In other notes, Ken Allen was awarded the craft industry’s prestigious Small Brewer Association Recognition award last year for his decades of service to the craft beer industry.


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