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Super Bowl Beer Commercials To Get You Pumped For Super Bowl Weekend


Yes, it’s Super Bowl beer commercial season, which basically means Bud Light commercials. Here are some classics to back-up the rest of your Super Bowl experience. I’m officially pulling for the Saints. New Orleans has a hell of a beverage culture that would get a big boost from a Saints Super Bowl win.

Here, two gorillas act out a scene from my childhood.

Jay-Z and Don Shula play futuristic Madden-like football with holograms, all in the name of Budweiser Select.

In this epic commercial, a dog is abducted by alien. Then the dogs head detaches, revealing a crazy-ass alien inside. Then they all get crazy, the earth discovers that the world is about to end. A delicate subtext concerning the vision and inspiration behind Budweiser is woven throughout.

Burt Reynolds sucks at founding man-clubs. Eddie Griffen? Ty Murray? Jerome Bettis? What a lame man-club. Triple H is taking off his shirt and stuff? LAME. Does NOT psych me up to buy Miller Lite.


  1. Red Bull of Soccer | Saturday, February 6, 2010

    Lets go saints! Had too. Bud always had the best commercials

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