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Starbucks & Guns

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Starbucks and Gun

Apparently guns and Starbucks don’t mix.

According to KOMO news:
An anti-gun group is urging Starbucks to ban weapons at all of its retail locations… Earlier this month, the group’s president Paul Helmke sent a letter to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, claiming there has been a “growing frequency” of gun owners openly carrying guns in public places, especially in California, where open carry weapons are legal as long as they are unloaded and holstered.

Personally, losing my right to roll into Starbucks with a loaded bb gun terrifies me. I’m ready for Taza Tea meets Tarantino every time I swing by the coffee shop for my bi-hourly caffeine fix, but that’s just how us Mutineers roll most of the time. Even in the office, we’re all typically armed with bb guns capable of unleashing a fury of justice on our fellow Mutineers. This is a system that has served us well and that has also made sunglasses a standard part of our company uniform, even at night. Viva the mutiny!


  1. SGC Burge | Sunday, March 7, 2010

    This picture is not only slanderous, but a lie. People do not brandish revolvers as the picture shows at Starbucks! “Apparently guns and Starbucks don’t mix” the caption reads. That stupid statement makes no sense; I drink coffee while carrying a pistol fine. What Alan Kropf describes has no resemblance to a visit to Starbucks. Starbucks stores are peaceful, and freedom loving, patriotic Americans behave respectfully while exercising their Constitutional Rights. If the anti-freedom people do not like Starbucks, they can go to Peet’s and California Pizza “Gun Free Zones” where crooks can count on unarmed, defenseless victims to assault. What “mutiny” is Mr. Kropf speaking of in his post? Armed Americans are not mutineers. The tirade of anti-freedom people resorts to hyperbole and slander because they have nothing else to say,

  2. Jeff Dorenbush | Monday, March 8, 2010

    @SGC Burge Alan Kropf is just relaying beverage related news he saw come across KOMO News (linked in the post). And clearly his comments can’t be taken so serious as he mentions, Tarantino movies, bb guns, and bi-hourly caffeine fixes.

    And as for the picture, it is simply used to illustrate the two points: guns and Starbucks.

  3. The Beer Wench | Monday, March 8, 2010

    Speaking of rights and freedom, just as the gun-touting “freedom loving, patriotic Americans” have the right to carry guns, Mutineer has freedom of speech.

    As for calling the picture slanderous, there is nothing that erks me more as a writer than observing improper use of words. By legal definition, Slander is the ORAL communication of false statements that are harmful to a person’s reputation.

    Slander is a subcategory of defamation. Defamation is the act of harming the reputation of another by making a false statement to a third person. There are two types of defamatory acts: Libel is a defamatory statement expressed in a fixed medium, e.g. writing, art, picture or sign. Slander, on the other hand, is a defamatory statement expressed in a transitory form, e.g. speech.

    Now that I have gotten that out of my system, I want to comment that the first Amendment gives us “freedom loving, patriotic Americans” the right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. In my opinion, the artwork on this blog post is not an act of defamation. In order to have a case for defamation, the act in question must be be done with MALICE.

    This post and the picture are far from being malicious.

    Try not to confuse defamation with insult.

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