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New Jersey Legislature Considering Letting Residents Receive Wine Shipments


Wine In Shipping Box

Will they go for it? Too soon to tell, and these things involve lots of ins and outs, movers and shakers, those kinds of things. If creating laws is like making sausage, then creating wine laws is like making sausage with a belly full of wine and eyes full of dollar signs. This is very epic stuff people, and the bill being passed will be a big win for New Jersey wine drinkers.

According to Njbiz.com:
A bill that would allow shipping of wine directly to New Jersey residents tiptoed forward in the Legislature on Thursday, after bill S766 cleared the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee and now awaits a full Senate vote. The assembly version of the legislation, A1702, awaits a similar committee review before it can be voted on.

Epic stuff indeed….


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