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Fine Beverages of LOST Part 2

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Lost's Sawyer and Juliet with Dharma Rum

Lost’s Sawyer and Juliet with Dharma Rum

Back by popular demand, we examine the beverages of LOST. In part one, we examined beer and wine, and now in part two, we examine the harder stuff and the speedier stuff.

Nobody can survive without coffee. If you can, I’m convinced you’re a robot. Besides, all those super scientists and scientific experiments had to be fueled by something. I’m guessing there wasn’t a Dharma station called “The Meth Lab”.

Coffee is the only viable “energy drink” from the ’70s (don’t tell resident Energyologist Jeff, his head would explode). A nasty frost in the late ’70s crippled Brazil’s coffee industry, and Papua New Guinea, feeling the heft of its newly found independence from the British, shot to stardom in the coffee industry.

We believe that The Island is located somewhere in the South Pacific, and PNG is closer to Australia and The Island than the other Pacific coffee areas (Java, Sumatra, Hawaii). That would make it a likely source for all of their coffee needs.

Desmond was quite a boozer before he split for love and life abroad. MacCutcheon is his brand of choice. He drinks it with his father-in-law, and Hurley and Charlie bribe him with it to find out how Charlie dies. Desmond seems Glaswegian from his accent (or at least the actor’s IMDB profile). Glasgow is at the southernmost reach of the Scottish Highlands, so MacCutcheon would be classified as a Highland Single Malt Scotch.

Dharma Rum Rum
Juliet drinks rum as she watches the freighter burn in the Season 4 finale. That prop bottle went up for auction recently and you can see from the neck that it was from Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. Though it’s a recent introduction in the US, Mount Gay has been cranking out the dark stuff since 1703. Never let it be said that the Dharma Initiative didn’t try to source the finest spirits to raise the spirits of its crew. Actually, never let that be said; it’s a terrible play on words.

That’s enough fan fiction from me for now. Hope you enjoy the remainder of the season. To help with the enjoyment, here’s a couple of drinking games from the Lostpedia Alcohol entry.

In the fandom of Lost, one such drinking game is called “Jackface”, based on the expressive and varied facial expressions of Matthew Fox; another example is drinking whenever Hurley says the word “Dude.”


  1. Katie | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Wasn’t Sawyer drinking whiskey in last night’s episode? The Dharma variety of course.

  2. Chris D'Amico | Friday, February 19, 2010


    Right you are. I wrote the post before I watched the episode. Judging from the squareness of the bottle and the overall quality of alcohol that the Dharma Initiative secures for its people, I’m going to say it was Jack Daniels with a Dharma label.

  3. Dad | Sunday, February 21, 2010

    The square bottle could have been Evan Williams.

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