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Court of Master Sommeliers Have Epic Gathering of Master Sommeliers


Master Sommelier By definition a Master Sommelier has had most every beverage ever created in the entire universe, so when a bunch of Master Sommeliers get together for a big conference with tastings, you know some epic stuff will be poured.

A special presentation, dinner, and tasting by Wine Australia allowed conference attendees the rare opportunity to taste Seppeltsfield Tawnies from 1908, 1953, and 1977, as well as a 1935 Seppeltsfield brandy. The 1953 and 1977 vintages were specifically drawn from their casks for the event to commemorate the years the Guild of Sommeliers and the Court of Master Sommeliers were each founded. They will not be available to the public until 2053 and 2077, respectively.

Dammit! 2053? With the world ending in 2012, the discovery of squirrel juice being necessary for time travel, and an unquenchable, ego-driven thirst for ultra-rare beverages that other people can’t have, it is clear I’ll have to do the impossible and become a full-fledged Master Somm before December 2012. Or I can “become” Doug Frost in the style of “The Talented Mr. Ripley…I will get to those tawnies…


  1. nathan waks | Saturday, February 6, 2010

    Hey guys,
    If you make the trip to Seppeltsfield just maybe I can show you the 1953 before 2053!
    You’ll need to email me first! We have every single vintage tawny from 1878 to 2009 in barrel. Only place in the world!

    Nathan (one of the owners)

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