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Beer Run: Man Loves Beer So Much He Robbed Circle K Convenience Stores At Least 39 Times


Beer Runs

According to the Arizona Republic:
A Phoenix man was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of stealing beer from Circle K convenience stores at least 39 times throughout Tempe and Phoenix.
Atkins was being held on 21 counts of theft in Tempe and 18 counts of theft in Phoenix. The total cost of the stolen merchandise was $4,604.35.

There were definitely some winning comments on this post, including:

Aristrodemus: Maybe he was generous with his stolen brew? Picture Robin Hood, with an el camino and a shirt that says “hell yeah its fast dumb*ss”
Cards1947: Here’s to you Mister I-have-done-39-beer-runs-because-I-have-no-money-and-love-Bud Light / This Bud’s for you / Real man of genius / Fade to music

Eye4eye: I just wonder if he preferred light beer to make his getaways faster??? I know bad joke… LOL

But where things really get crazy is where a commenter makes a damn fine point:

Eye4eye: I have to say one thing about this article??? What the hell kind’ve beer was it? “at least 39 times throughout Tempe and Phoenix.” so does that make it 39 cases of beer since I can’t imagine he could carry more out at a time… so 39 divided by $4,604.35… That makes each case of beer worth $118 dollars per case… Thats some expensive suds!!!

So what DID happen? Tough to say, but if you estimate each case of beer coming in at around twenty dollars, that’s 230 cases of beer stolen in 39 attempts, which is around 6 cases of beer per beer run, which sounds ambitious for even the most ambitious hobo super-thieves…


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