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Beer…It Does a Body Good


Skeleton Drinking Beer

Wine and beer folks are always trying to one up each other about their respective beverage’s health effects. Wine folks have volumes of research backing them up. They even have supplements like resveratrol that are derived from red wine grapes. Beer guys sometimes go out on a limb regarding health benefits (It makes you look cool…which boosts your self esteem…which contributes to your mental health…right?).

Well the suds soldiers finally have a legit arrow in their quiver. A study by brew friendly school, UC Davis, finds that beer has silicon in it which contributes to bone mineral density.

Yup, drinking beer can toughen up your bones and you don’t even have to hit your shins with a baseball bat like Muay Thai fighters. I’m really happy to know this because with all the beer I drink, I may have a super-skeleton like Wolverine.  I wonder if I keep up my beer consumption if one day I’ll get a bottle opener that will retract into my hand. One can only dream…


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