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The History of Johnnie Walker in Six Minutes


A ridiculously cool video on Johnnie Walker created by HLA, a London-based production company, ad agency BBH, and alcohol giant Diageo.

What better way to communicate the history of one of the most well known brands of Scotch than with 28 Weeks Later star Robert Carlyle, bagpipes, a seemingly useless door on a hillside, and a possible wildfire dangerously close to the bagpipe player in a one shot, unedited six minute video? Well… I guess you could throw in some infected, zombie-like humans, but still, this is very cool. However, I’m not exactly sure what they intend on doing with this six minute long film unless airing six minute commercials in London is common or they are planning to spend $36 million for a slot in the Super Bowl.


  1. JJ Bagley | Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    This is an extremely well done film and a joy to see. One take, Robert Carlyle is a friggin badass. Worth watching twice.

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