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The Hallmark Channel Heads to Wine Country

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On March 6 the Hallmark Channel will premier “Uncorked”, an original movie that takes everything you love about Hallmark Channel original movies and combines it with wine. Wait, Hallmark has it’s own channel?

From the press release:
Johnetta ‘Johnny’ Prentice (Benz), the CFO for a major corporation, has allowed her work to take over her life, quite similar to her business-obsessed boyfriend Christopher. Johnny’s company sends her to a conference in California wine country, where it will be up to her to seal the deal with an important investor. But all her plans are suddenly up in the air, especially when she meets world-famous chef Andrew Browning (Elrod) and his adorable son and parents, Sophia (Williams) and Paul (Gould), owners of the California Oak Winery. With an unexpectedly free schedule, Johnny finally has the time to relax and do something for herself, but she would much rather get right back to the office, even if it means leaving behind the things and people she has come to love.


  1. Ray D'Argenzio | Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    pertty cool

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