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Man Involved in High Speed Police Chase With Soda Machine in Tow

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Let’s be honest, it’s everyone’s dream to own their own soda machine. This much we know, and this premise has yet again been substantiated with an almost religious fervor by a man who was simply following his most basic human instinct to seek out his own soda machine.

A Tennessee man named Nicholas Nunley went all-in in his attempt to secure his own personal soda machine. Of course, dragging a soda machine behind your truck by a chain tends to draw attention, and Sheriff Frisbie chased Nunley down and tased him into justice.

According to WBBH News:
“It’s a machine that sits out front, I wouldn’t think a whole lot of change is gonna be in there,” said Sheriff Frisbie.

Deputies chased Nunley for nearly five miles before he pulled over and deputies were quick to block him in with their vehicles.


  1. JJ Bagley | Thursday, January 7, 2010

    There never was a more perfect “Nicholas, what were you thinking?” moment.

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