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Issue #4 Mutineer Interview: Zane Lamprey Now Available Free Online


Zane Lamprey

The Zane Lamprey Mutineer Interview from Issue #4 is now available to read, joining Gary Vaynerchuk’s Issue #3 Mutineer Interview which was posted online a couple weeks back.

Lamprey’s “Three Sheets” is quite possibly the best beverage show ever produced. The show costars Lamprey’s Gremlin-friend Pleepleus, who has his own cult following for his magical abilities, including the ability to communicate with cats and the ability to help women over the age of 90 overcome fertility problems.

Did I mention Lamprey was on the cover of the first nationally distributed issue of Mutineer Magazine back in April 2009? Yes sir, he is most certainly the real deal.

Check out the Zane Lamprey interview here.

Godspeed Pleepleus.


  1. 1WineDude | Friday, January 15, 2010

    Zane currently leads the lineup in the list of “People Who I Wish Were Really My Dad.”

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