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Huntington Beach Bans Beer Pong. Wait, WHAT?


You Sink It. They Drink It.

Because the economy is roaring and apparently all of Huntington Beach’s other problems have been solved, the Huntington Beach City Council has made a point to ban beer pong.

According to the OC Register:
Huntington Beach city leaders voted Tuesday night to outlaw alcohol games such as beer pong at new restaurants coming to downtown. This rule is in addition to new regulations the police chief enacted in September that banned these games at existing restaurants with entertainment permits citywide.

The beer pong ban is included in a list of regulations for downtown Huntington Beach and the city’s latest effort to clean up the nightclub atmosphere and improve the image of downtown.

I have a conspiracy theory that a Quarters promoter is trying to make a move on the competition, that or the Huntington Beach City Council secretly hates kittens and laughter…or both.

May karma cork their next bottle of wine.


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