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Get Ready to Blow a Load of Cash on Sexual Chocolate!


Sexual Chocolate Bottle Release

The release of Sexual Chocolate from Foothills Brewing out of Winston-Salem, NC is less than a month away and all the details surrounding the release have finally emerged. What is set to be an epic release for the 2009 Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal winner in the Imperial Stout/Porter category, Sexual Chocolate will be released on February 6 beginning at 11 A.M. However, if you plan on showing up at 11 A.M. for the release, you are wrong and you WILL miss out on this dark, luscious, sexy smooth vice.

But wait, there’s more. The night before, Foothills will host PreSex, a pre-release celebration centered around a tasting that will start at 7 P.M. and last until midnight. It’s an epic adventure with tons of great beer to be shared by other generous beer lovers, so be sure to bring an awesome bottle or two to share!

For the release itself, as said, you will want to get there early and yes, it will be frightfully cold. Bring warm clothes, bring a chair and prepare to sit. Beer can be brought to share in line, but Foothills asks that you be discreet and clean up after yourself. The great staff at Foothills also asks that everyone act like adults; no cutting in line, saving spots for people arriving later, etc., as that’s no fun for anybody.

And most importantly, the always timeless Scott of Foothills encourages afro wigs and ’70s attire!

Some important things about the release:
1,000 bottle will be released.
4 bottles per person, $15 per bottle.
Cash/credit card only.
Lineup may begin after 4 A.M. It may be Sexual Chocolate, but nobody likes it when you come TOO early.
Please keep samples, trading, and drinking discreet and please remove all trash.
And of course, afro wigs and ’70s attire are a big plus.

Also worth mentioning, if you plan on hitting up Harper’s Adult Entertainment if you didn’t get your fill at PreSex, you may brown bag growlers until 5 A.M.!

Of course, Mutineer Magazine’s Beer Editor Brian Kropf will be at the release and I hope to see you there!


  1. JJ Bagley | Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    This sounds great, I just hope someone brings a flat panel and a copy of Coming to America to watch in line.

  2. Brian Kropf | Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    It should be awesome and the guys over at Foothills are ALWAYS super cool and friendly, and their brew pub is beautiful.

    Look for a post-release blog afterwards!

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