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Double Barrel Aged: The Next Step in Barrel Beers


Founders Brewing Co. Nemesis

You really can’t toss a keg without hitting a brewery that hasn’t done a barrel aged beer. It’s what all the cool kids are drinking these days and for good reason. They’re freaking delicious. So how do you, as an avant garde brewer, differentiate yourself from the herd? Founders sorted it out.

News came over the beer wire recently that Founders Brewing Co. (Grand Rapids, MI) is going to do a wheat wine and barrel age it. Yawn right? But wait…there’s more. They’re going to age the beer in bourbon barrels that have aged maple syrup. What? That’s ridiculous. So this beer is going to be the third thing aged in the same barrel. Maple syrup and bourbon are going to act on this relatively neutral beer and absolutely sex it up. The initial reports on taste are syrupy sweet with vanilla and bourbon.

Finally, something you can drink with pancakes.


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