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Belgian A-B InBev Workers Make A Statement in Mutinous Strike


Will Strike If Provoked

Word on the street is that A-B InBev is going to cut a bunch of jobs at its Belgian breweries, and the fine men and women working in these breweries are pretty ticked about it. Local supermarkets are running out of beer, and beer shortages never defuse situations, this much we know.

According to “AB InBev says distribution hit by workers’ blockages“, an article by Reuters:

Access to the Leuven and Jupille breweries, which principally produce Stella Artois and Jupiler beer, has been blocked since Friday.

“The action is starting to have an impact on certain activities,” company spokeswoman Karen Couck said.

She said AB InBev planned to hold further talks with the trade unions as soon as possible. The company met with the unions last Thursday when the Belgian job cuts were announced.


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