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Alcohol Banned at Jets Game Tomorrow For Fear of Fans Ripping Apart Stadium

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Fans of New York Jets with Jest Sign

Tomorrow’s football game between the Jets and the Bengals will be huge in that a win will send the Jets to the playoffs and it will be the last home game in the Jets’ current stadium, though fans won’t be celebrating with their favorite alcoholic fine beverage.

According to CNN:

The Jets approach the decision of whether to serve alcohol on a game-by-game basis, Speight said. Fresh off a victory over the formerly undefeated Indianapolis Colts, the Jets are on the verge of their first play-off berth in three years — and fans are riled up and ready to go.
And Jets fans are known for rowdy behavior — for example, a half-time “tradition” of women baring their breasts for men who loudly urge them to do so. In lieu of alcohol, the Jets said, they’ll pass out green and white “rowdy towels” to the first 70,000 fans arriving at the stadium.

So basically instead of fans leaving drunk from the game, they’ll arrive drunk to the game. Welcome to prefunk city people!


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