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Absolut Vodka Has Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame = AWESOME


Absolut Vodka Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

A million bucks will buy you a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Absolut Vodka has already gotten in on the action, and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is hungry (or thirsty) for more companies to step up to the plate.

According to AdvertisingAge

Absolut raised some eyebrows when its star was unveiled in July 2008. “Why is a Scandinavian vodka being enshrined on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?” asked the Los Angeles Times. “It’s not a tasteless homage to stars who drink too much. It’s just the latest corporate attempt to buy some good buzz.” Jeffrey Moran, Absolut’s VP-public relations, events and sponsorships, said the company realized the notion of placing advertising adjacent to a popular attraction “is always a very sensitive topic,” but felt “we were very honestly trying to help an organization, in particular a landmark that needed some help.”

What I want to know is, with the recession taking a toll on government budgets, when will California start offering road sponsorships to corporations? I want my route to the Mutineer office to consist of taking the Frangelico Freeway to Stolichnaya Street to Drambuie Drive ending up on Absinthe Avenue. The Hershey Highway would be controversial for certain, and a Robitussin Road (a fine beverage to a misguided few) could be huge in dealing with congestion.


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