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Tactical Nuclear Penguin = Quite Possibly the Coolest Fine Beverage Project of the Year


Brew Dog’s “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” is off-the-charts, in-your-face, ridiculously, awesomely RAD.

First off, it’s called “Tactical Nuclear Penguin”. Seriously? SOLD! I want one. RIGHT NOW!

Second, it’s 32% ABV, making it the strongest beer ever. That’s like liquor-strong people…very serious business.

Third, the fine beverage professionals at Brew Dog have put together an EPIC video explaining what Tactical Nuclear Penguin is all about. Beware, the video is in Scottish so I have NO IDEA what these guys are saying, but I did catch something about a baby wolf…

In a show of solidarity and commitment to their vision, the Brew Dog team members, including the dogs, are all wearing very tripped out penguin costumes, which, believe it or not, was MY IDEA, and something I tried here at Mutineer Magazine to boost morale awhile back. Here is a photo of Mutineer Beer Editor Brian Kropf as proof:

Brian Kropf in Penguin Costume

The beer reaches the alcoholic stratosphere by freezing the brew, which allows for some of the water to be removed, resulting in a more concentrated (and alcoholic) beer.

Bravo penguin people. Bravo.


  1. Brian Kropf | Friday, December 4, 2009

    I’m a way better penguin than they could ever be.

  2. Katie | Monday, December 7, 2009

    I’m a HUGE fan of Brew Dog’s stuff in general (their Paradox stout is amazing)…their counterculture, iconoclast take in the industry is much welcome, but unfortunately I don’t think my pockets are deep enough to afford myself some Tactical Nuclear Penguin :(

    But James and the rest of the dogs there kick brewing ass.

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